Sharknife is the story of Ceasar Hallelujah, a mere busboy trying to keep his world together as the walls around him literally explode with monsters! Gal-pal Chieko feeds him a magic fortune cookie, turning Ceasar into inter-dimensional ninja warrior SHARKNIFE! Using his vast array of abilities, Sharknife must defend the Guangdong Factory Restaurant, including all food and patrons, in a mad dash to finally face his eternal rival, ORCASWORD!

Witness in Sharknife Stage First as Ceasar slices and dices his way through throngs of monster baddies! It's 136 pages of pure un-cut action unprecedented in American Comics! Then, Sharknife's universe expands, revealing the Animal Gods that spawned him, and rivals long forgotten-- battles as epic as ever and the long-awaited duel with Orcasword in the 200+ page epic, Sharknife Double Z.

"The most powerful injection of pure comics you'll get this year."

- Warren Ellis (Transmetropolitan, Crooked Little Vein)
"When utilized to their fullest extent, comics are capable of exhibiting such a beautifully raw, infinitely powerful storytelling quality any other medium could only hope for. Not enough people take advantage of that. Corey Lewis' Sharknife does so in spades. Absolute top quality comics."
- Joe Keatinge (Hell Yeah, Glory)
"Corey The Rey blew my mind with Sharknife - it's like comics from another way, way cooler planet other than our own. My eyes were swimming, and I mean that in a good way."

- Brian Wood (Northlanders, DMZ)
"Corey Lewis is very much working on a bourgeoning masterpiece with 'Sharknife'. It's a beautiful comic with a clear and razor-sharp focus that revels in its own particular brand of sanity."

- Multiversity Comics

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