"Every so often there comes along a piece of pop culture, whether it's a song, a book or a film, that exudes an infectiously wild ride that's way more fun than it has any right to be. That's Sharknife."

Welcome to Sharknife.com, the website for graphic novel "Sharknife". Graphic novels are large "comic books" that provide you with tons of handheld entertainment. "Sharknife" is an 136 page graphic novel mainly about a mechanical ninja robot fighting mutated aquatic-themed monsters with sprinkles of yakuza gangster-isms and sassy pop culture riffs.

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Sharknife Vol. 1
136 Pages
Published by Oni Press

Sharknife is an action / comedy, style-saturated adventure for kids starting at 11 and going up into the adulthood stratosphere. It is basically entirely awesome insane fight scenes grouped with clever-absurd dialogue and sexy characters.

May 20, 2005- New Sharknife.com goes up!!! Some major Sharknife news coming soon! Check back for details!!!